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Divine Fratery

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The Divine Fratery was a Chaos cult active inside the Imperium during the 400s.M41.[Needs Citation]


According to Inquisitor Gregor Eisenhorn, the Divine Fratery had several thousand members, spread throughout the Antimar, Helican, Angelus and Ophidian subsectors.[1]

The Fratery worshiped the Ruinous Powers and their primary goal was anarchy - to facilitate the disintegration of the Imperium by whatever means available. To this end, their activities were focused on divination - discerning possible futures and, whenever one promised disaster, doing everything possible to make it occur and maximize its consequences.[1]

As part of their initiation, members of the cult had to remove one of their eyes, and then craft a patch to cover their remaining one, made of special material and to exact specifications, before they could receive medical treatment. If they survived this stage of their initiation, the missing eye was replaced with an augmetic version for everyday use, while the remaining eye was left covered, to be used only during divination rituals.[1]

The Divine Fratery anticipated the coming of the Daemon Prince Slyte[1], and so clashed several times with Imperial Inquisitors Gregor Eisenhorn and his pupil, Gideon Ravenor.[Needs Citation]

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