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Drastanta, known as the Tempest of Starlight, was the Phoenix Lord of the Shining Spears. Known for his hubris and tendency to engage in needlessly long battle, Drastanta came late to Asurmen's final stand and found his mentor already fallen before the might of the Keeper of Secrets N'kari. In a fit of rage, Drastanta slew the Daemon, the energies of his Celestial Lance shattering the creature's spirit. Drastanta soon disappeared from the galaxy thereafter, leaving behind his Celestial Lance which has been passed down over the generations to various Craftworlds and Shining Spears shrines.[1]


Drastanta was armed with the Celestial Lance, a powerful Laser Lance similar to those wielded by Shining Spears. Since his disapperance, the lance has been taken up by various Eldar claiming to continue fighting in his name.[1] Drastanta wore the prized helm known as the Crown of the Seventh Sky.[2]