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The Excrutio is a Deathwatch Strike Cruiser, which delivered a Kill-Team, led by the Librarian Zapherion[1b], to the planet Granica IV; currently being invaded by a splinter of Hive Fleet Leviathan[1a]. During the invasion the Excrutio was on standby[1b], as the Kill-Team took part in the defense of the laboratory of Lord Inquisitor Kluctmier. Kluctmier was nearly finished with a virus that would kill the Hive Fleet, when a large force of Tyranids attacked his laboratory[1a]. In the massacre that followed, the Lord Inquisitor and the forces defending him were killed; leaving Zapherion and two other members of his Kill-Team as the only survivors. Just as the Tyranids were about overrun the Kill-Team, the crew of the Excrutio teleported them to the safety of the Strike Cruiser.[1b]

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