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Fall of Macharius (Novel)

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Fall of Macharius
Cover art by Raymond Swanland.
Author William King
Publisher Black Library
Series The Macharian Crusade
Preceded by Fist of Demetrius
Released July 2014
Pages 320

Fall of Macharius by William King is the third and final novel in the Macharian Crusade novel series. It was released in July 2014.

Cover Descriptions

In the last years of the Crusade, Macharius comes to Loki. This heavily industrialised world is the bastion of the Lord Solar's arch-nemesis, the traitor Richter. Formerly one of Macharius's trusted advisors, Richter's betrayal is indicative of the low morale and dissent amongst the Imperial forces. Brought to the edge of the known galaxy, thrust into a plague-ridden hell of trench warfare, Macharius faces his sternest test. As the end of the Crusade dawns, this could be an end to the Imperium's war and the final fall of Macharius.