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Feron (Deathwatch)

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Feron was the Deathwatch Watch Commander of Fort Excalibris who led several of its Kill-Teams to purge the Genestealer Cult that had infested the Imperium Mining World Cagalian IX.[1]


However, when the Kill-Teams attacked the Cult, known as the Cult of the Rusted Claw, they were beaten back and were shocked to discover that the Cult was larger and more powerful then they had suspected. Their failed attack caused Feron (Deathwatch)'s Kill-Teams to suffer many casualties and he decided that, instead of fighting to the death against the Cult of the Rusted Claw's unfathomable numbers, they would retreat and inform the Imperium of what had happened on Cagalian IX. As the Deathwatch retreated to their evacuation point, however, they were attacked by a large force of the Cult and in the ensuing massacre, Feron (Deathwatch) and most of his Kill-Teams were killed, though Feron managed to kill the Cult's Patriarch before being torn apart by Genestealers.[1]