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Harlequin Jetbike

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Harlequin Jetbikes are fast attacking units used by the Harlequins. They can reach across any battlefield with high speed, striking where the enemy is weakest.

They are known to be highly ornate and decorated, making it stand out against the other decorated members of a Harlequin troupe. They are mostly decorated with symbols of the Laughing God. They are armed in a very similar way to standard Eldar Jetbikes, carrying twin-linked Shuriken Catapults and the rider a Close Combat Weapon. Very often riders also carry a Shuriken Pistol and sometimes the Shuriken Catapults get upgraded to a Fusion Gun or Shuriken Cannon. If the unit is designed for close assault, some riders exchange their close combat weapon for a Harlequin's Kiss or Power Weapon and the squad can be led by a Troupe Leader. Harlequin jetbikes are also fitted with special Holofields to protect the rider which standard Jetbikes do not have.

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