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Heskith Anko

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Heskith Anko was an officer of the Vervunhive militia on Verghast, during the Siege of Vervunhive.


This page contains spoilers for: Necropolis (Novel)

After the commander of the Vervun Primary, Marshal Gnide, was killed by the city's paranoid High Master, Salvador Sondar, the city's ruling noble houses nominated various candidates to replace him. The head of House Anko nominated his cousin, Heskith, for the post, but he was outvoted (7-1) in favour of Marshal Edric Croe. As a compromise, Heskith was appointed his second in command, but the two men did not get on well; where Croe was tall, courageous, and austere, Anko was short, stout, and easily unnerved. The arguments between the two men quickly became notorious around the VP's headquarters.[1a]

During the Third Storm of the hive by the Zoican forces, Anko lost his composure and demanded that Croe come up with a plan of action. Croe, his patience gone, struck Anko to the floor, before leaving the command centre to take personal command of a reinforcement unit.[1b]

Hours into the Third Storm, Anko had shouted himself hoarse in the command centre, trying to make himself heard over the chaos, and finally broke down completely after seeing the mass of activity reflected on the command centre's plotting table. With apparent calm, he drew his sidearm and shot the table for insubordination, then the servitors at their sensor stations, and then any member of the command staff that tried to flee or subdue him. He only stopped shooting when he caught sight through the window of the Zoican missile that zeroed in on the command centre and destroyed it, killing Anko and everyone inside.[1c]