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Hibogen Khan

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Hibogen Khan is the current Captain of the White Scars Chapter's 5th Brotherhood.[1]

He was once a storied Champion of the Chapter, until it is rumoured that the 5th's ancient Stormseer, Ogutai, personally asked the Great Khan Jubal to make Hibogen the Brotherhood's new commander. Ogutai's reasons for doing so are unclear, but Hibogen is sometimes secretly called to the Lighting Tower, to join in the Stormseers' rites. Though the Khan does not speak of what transpires there, he always returns drawn and weary, but with conviction burning in his eyes. Whatever secret burden he bears, it does not trouble the Khan, nor impact his abilities as a commander. Since Hibogen's elevation, he has proven himself more than capable in his position and has led the 5th Brotherhood to numerous victories.[1]