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Jakara Mirror Shield

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Examples of Jakara Spyrers equipped with Mirror Shields.

As is to be expected from the noble sons and daughters of Necromunda's spire families who descend into the depths of the underhive to hunt as a rite of passage into adulthood, the Jakara Spyrer hunting rig is outfitted with unique, advanced and expensive technology, the most unique of these being the Mirror Shield.[1]

The "shield" wraps around the forearm of the user and contains a force field generator, though the aim of this is not to deflect incoming fire or to stop it at all. A resonant energy vortex forms across the shield which channels the power absorbed and redirects it into an array of several containment devices arranged around the wrist. This stored energy can then be focussed into the firing chamber at the front of the shield and returned to its source in a blinding bolt of heat and light.[1]

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