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Noble House

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Noble Houses are Imperial families that have been officially recognized as Nobles, by their world's ruling Imperial House, by being given a writ of nobility.[1a] This also includes the Nobles of Knight Houses.[7]

Known Noble Houses



Hive Angelicus


On Necromunda, the ruling House Helm'ayr originally ratified the creation of Hive Primus' first Noble Houses in M35 and many of the world's Hives then followed their example[1a]. Since their creation, many new Houses have been created, while others have met their end, by losing their status [1b], or being destroyed [1c]. While they may fight each other, all of Necromunda's Noble and Clan Houses have signed the Oath Nobilies, vowing to never break the world's Pax Imperium with open warfare.[1d]

Hive Primus

Paragon VI

Paragon VI (in particular, the planet's sixth moon) has a number of Clan Families (around 150[9b] in total).[9a] The families are typically exempt from drafts for the Astra Militarum; however, this can be circumvented voluntarily[9c] or involuntarily.[9d]




At the time of the Sabbat Worlds Crusade, Vervunhive possessed nine noble houses, in addition to its Imperial House[3c]:

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