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Jihar the Lacerator[1]

Jihar, also known as Jihar the Lacerator, was a Chaos Lord of Slaanesh. A traitorous officer of the Emperor's Children, towards the end of the 500s.M37, Jihar established a strong following of Chaos Space Marines from his Legion as well as Cultists, and Mutants. It is said that Jihar was possessed of terrible gifts granted to him by his master, and even the dead themselves screamed in horror when he drew near.

Jihar would lead a Black Crusade out of the Eye of Terror, known as the Black Crusade of Jihar the Lacerator, in 599.M37. Imperial resistance would be led by the 13th Mordant Regiment. After a long and vicious struggle throughout the Sector, Jihar was killed by the 13th Mordant's heavy weapons.[1]