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Kalium Gate

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The Kalium Gate is a Human relic of the Dark Age of Technology. The Gate is a series of interlocking stations shaped into the pattern of a necklace, connected together by massive cables.[1]

A Warp Gate of considerable power, the exact origin of the relic is unknown, but it was abandoned and fell into ruin during the Age of Strife. Later during the Great Crusade the Gate was discovered by Rogue Traders and occupied by the Dark Angels, whose Primarch Lion El'Jonson had sought to reactivate the gate. Work was incomplete when the Horus Heresy erupted, and the Iron Warriors under Perturabo himself assaulted the gate, reducing its considerable defenses to ruin with surprising ease.[1]

Later on in the Heresy, the gate again became the target for the White Scars, who were looking for a way to travel to Terra. However the gate was in a state of ruin, and the Scars were ambushed by a force of Emperor's Children. The gate was devastated a second time, but in truth the White Scars had never sought its use. The strike had simply been a feint to mask Jaghatai Khan's true purpose: the Navigator Pieter Achelieux.[1]