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Kaurava III

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Kaurava III is the third and least developed planet of the Kaurava system.[1]

Map Basic Data Planetary Image
px Name: Kaurava III Kaurava3.jpg
Segmentum: Ultima Segmentum
Sector: Lithesh Sector
Subsector: Unknown
System: Kaurava system
Population: Unknown
Affiliation: Orks, formerly Imperium
Class: Ork World, formerly Tomb World
Tithe Grade: Unknown


Dangerous predators such as Arkenbeasts and Sandworms roam its barren surface, many of which are entirely capable of crushing entire villages flat. Due to its inhospitable nature, Kaurava III was of little use to the Imperium beside the mining industry there.[1]

The planet's single moon was accidentally destroyed by an attempt to bring mining to it, the subsequent explosion resulting in a ring of dust and ice that now encircles Kaurava III. The rest descended upon Kaurava III's surface, resulting in untold death and destruction.[1]

The planet was the site of a massive battle between Necron and Eldar forces many millennia ago. The Necrons were defeated and retreated back to their tombs beneath the Immosan desert.[1]

Places of Note

  • The Upper Wastes (known as Essel Ir-Talith to the Eldar): A region full of mesas and other barren rock formations that covers the northern reaches of the planet. The few Imperial mining outposts here were wiped out by the Eldar when they returned to Kaurava III. In millennia long past, the Eldar constructed their war operations center in the Upper Wastes to fight the Necrons, and erected an intricate network of illusions and traps to protect their secrets.[1]
  • Coastal Immosa: This vast, red desert that covers a considerable part of Kaurava III was also home to the entombed Necrons far, far below its surface. The Imperial forces in the system never suspected the Necron presence there; and by the time they did, crossing into Immosa meant only one thing: Death.[1]
  • Principian Badlands: A territory full of jagged and uneven "rocklands" so dangerous that it is almost impossible to traverse them on foot. At Principia's far western edge lies the Cape of Despair.[1]
  • Cape of Despair: During the past battle between Eldar and Necrons here, the summoned Essence of the C'tan Deceiver made the Eldar believe that the cliff they were fighting on was an endless plane, and the Necrons were weak and defenseless. All but one Aspect Warrior succumbed to the Deceiver's grand illusion, and that Aspect Warrior was made an Avatar of Khaine. The Deceiver later slew him for this affront, but the tide had already turned on the Necrons.[1]
  • Nirraein: By far the most populated region of Kaurava III due to the vitally important Ancient Gate located there, Nirraein contains four Imperial cities: Immur, Throne, Karrusk, and Timmolin. The region's relative wealth also allowed for a modest amount of terraforming, hydroponics, and security from outland beasts. It was also home to the famed Kauravan gladiatorial arenas and speed-racing courses.[1]
  • Broken Lands: Once home to the largest and most developed Imperial population on the planet, the Broken Lands are now barren and lifeless thanks to the resultant scourging debris from the freak mining accident on Kaurava III's moon.[1]
  • Kier Harrad: Possibly the only region of Kaurava III that was not covered in barren rocks, Kier Harrad contains several lakes, rivers, prairies, and a few villages. Once per cycle, cold and bitter rains pummel the greater part of these lands for weeks together.[1]

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