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Ko'tan Kadai

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Ko'tan Kadai was the Captain of the Third Company of the Salamanders Space Marine Chapter before his death in battle upon the world of Stratos. A veteran of some 300 years, and highly regarded by the members of his company, he was struck down by an assassin of the Dragon Warriors Renegade Chapter.[1]

Sporting white hair shaved into a low mohawk, Kadai was an imposing figure. He met his end during a mission on the Imperial world of Stratos, which was caught in the grip of a serious rebellion. Leading his company from the front, Kadai organised a strategy to free the city of Cirrion from cultist forces, rescue any Imperial citizens and eliminate the cult leadership. Initial setbacks to his strategy of rolling out and seizing the city were mitigated by the discovery of the cult headquarters. Kadai was determined to lead a strike force directly to the location. Upon reaching the cult base, Kadai was surprised to learn that he had been drawn into a trap set by the cult's benefactor, Nihilan of the Dragon Warriors. Barely defeating a daemon set upon him by the Chaos Sorceror, the exhausted Captain was targeted for assassination, struck down by a multi-melta blast aimed by one of Nihilan's subordinates.[1]

Kadai possessed an impressive suit of artificer armour, heavily accented in saurian style.[1] Upon his death it was not passed on to his successor, Captain N'Keln as was tradition, but used in his funeral rites, as not enough of his body remained to be used.[2]

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