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Magog Cluster

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the stellar region. For other uses of Magog, see Magog (disambiguation).
Map of the Magog Cluster[1].

The Magog Cluster is a star cluster located within the Maelstrom Zone in the Ultima Segmentum, near The Maelstrom. Several battles were fought in it during the Badab War.

Known Systems & Worlds

  • Corcrya System
    • Corcrya II - Dead World/pre-Imperial Ruins
    • Corcrya XI - Listening Outpost
  • Lamptan System
  • Rook III - Frontier World
  • Magog - Forbidden System
  • Bloody Bones V - Death World (Warp Taint)
  • Galah - Ork infested