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Mother of Hell

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The Mother of Hell was a Black Legion Chaos Cruiser that attacked Cadia, during the 13th Black Crusade.[1]

However, when the Despoiler destroyed the Fortress World, the Mother of Hell was among the Chaos warships that began hunting the Imperial forces as they fled the Cadian System. It was later among a group of Black Legion warships that the Vengeful Spirit led in an ambush against the Imperials, but the firepower of the Phalanx quickly turned the battle against them. The vast Space Station easily scattered the Black Legion and Admiral d'Armitage sent three Fire Ships amidst the Chaos warships before they could recover. One of these Fire Ships was the Delos, which struck the Mother of Hell and caused the Cruiser's plasma reactors to go critical. This caused the Mother of Hell to explode with such force, that the nearby Black Legion warship Scion of Hell was caught by the blast and was torn in half.[1]