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Nerael (Primaris)

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Nerael is a Primaris who serves in the Dark Angels Chapter's Ravenwing Company.[1]

He was recruited from Kimmeria, though after nearly failing the Chapter's Aspirant tests, and afterwards Nerael soon began to excel in all areas of the 10th Company's training. His dogged determination set him apart, and when he became a full Battle Brother Nerael was implanted with Primaris organs. Upon ascension to full Battle Brother, he progressed through many Companies before returning to the 10th as a member of the of its Vanguard squads. While there, he fought on Talegoh VII, serving in a number of different capacities over the course of many battles, and unknowingly helped the Ravenwing secure a member of the Fallen. Nerael's skills at hunting down his quarry without thought of rest impressed the 2nd Company greatly, and as a result he was inducted into the Ravenwing.[1]