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Obodiah Roth

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Obodiah Roth is an Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor Psyker.[1]


Trained in a Schola Progenium, Roth became a psychic dueler and learned how to combat psykers in the physical and psychic realms at the same time during a fight. While his abilities were not powerful, the Scolam's staff taught Roth how to focus it in an instant in order to deliver a devastating psychic strike. When his training was complete, Roth was recruited to serve as Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor Liszt Vandevern' Interrogator. Vandevern was a prolific field inquisitor who believed a raid would always reap more answers than clinical investigation. Because of this, Roth had fought with half a dozen Heretic Cults, and even besieged the compound of a Narco-baron on Sans Gaviria before his 30th year. Sometime later, Roth became an Inquisitor himself in 866.M41 and for his first investigation, the Ordo sent him to investigate mild psychic disturbances emanating from Sirene Primal.[1]

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