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Sirene Primal

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Map Basic Data Planetary Image
px Name: Sirene Primal Unknown.jpg
Segmentum: Ultima Segmentum[1]
Subsector: Orco-Pelica Subsector[1]
Population: None[1], formerly millions[1]
Affiliation: Unknown[1], formerly Imperium[1]
Class: Dead World[1], former Frontier World[1], Mountain World[1]
Tithe Grade: None[1]

Sirene Primal was an Imperial Frontier Mountain World, that was located in the Eastern Fringe's Orco-Pelica Subsector.[1]


It was once home to gigantic creatures known as Ancients, and their ossified remains then formed mountains of colossal spines and plates. When Sirene Primal was colonized by Humans millennia later, architects used the Ancients' remains to raise the colonnades and flower-draped monoliths of their ziggurat-gardens. In time, the world became filled with numerous villages and cities, as its population developed a culture that revered art and literature. Sirene Primal also become home to many close combat martial sects, that were led by Sect-Chieftains. These warriors fought with such skill, that they were considered by Sirene's population to be the world's greatest artists.[1]

It was once ruled by those who held the traditional title of Sirene Monarch, but this ended when the Imperium claimed the world. An Imperial Governor was then made the ruler of the world, though the position of the Monarch was allowed to continue existing. However those who held the title, would become nothing more than a cultural figurehead. The Imperium also declared Sirene Primal to be a Frontier World and it established outposts and missionaries on the world. In time, these isolated outposts and missionaries, became the only true Imperial presence on Sirene Primal. The world's martial sects, however, strafed under the Imperium's rule since it was first established. They also refused to serve in the world's PDF, as they would not debase themselves by becoming devoted to the Imperium. As a result, the PDF was instead filled with Sirene's poets, sculptors and merchants. This was later exploited, when a Genestealer Cult disguised as missionaries arrived and began infecting Sirene's population. Three generations later, their tainted descendant rose to become the Sirene Monarch and began a rebellion, during Imperial Commander Vandt's reign. The long suffering martial sects did not know of the Monarch's corruption, but they readily joined the rebellion in order to reclaim their world. As the sects were so revered, the rest of Sirene's population quietly followed them in rebelling against the Imperium. Those who resisted were killed and thousands of loyalists were publicly executed each day. The PDF meanwhile did not even try to fight the rebellion's secessionists, but this did not spare them. When they were attacked, the PDF barely knew how to operate their weapons, many of which were still wrapped in plastic. This led the PDF to be easily destroyed by the secessionists and Imperial Commander Vandt was ousted from ruling Sirene.[1]

However the Imperium refused to lose the world and an Imperial Navy fleet arrived with Regiments from Amartine, Montaigh and Kurass. This began a guerrilla war, known as the Secessionist Wars, as while the Imperium had the superior weapons, the secessionists had the aid of Sirene's environment and its population. War soon enveloped the world and both sides began performing atrocities against each other. Entire battalions would be crucified by the secessionists and the Regiments would bombard villages and refugee camps in response. This would continue for years without an end in sight, until the Sanctioned Psykers stationed aboard the Imperial Navy fleet, began receiving psychic emanations from Sirene. Reports were sent out regarding this, and the Ordo Hereticus was among those who received the reports. At first they were dismissed as being caused by the bitter war on Sirene, but a later report from Alipsia Secundus made them finally take notice. It stated that a missionary outpost's Astropaths, had all slashed their throats and written Sirene Primal's name in their blood and mouthed its name until they died. This led the Ordo to finally investigate the psychic emanations, but it did not rate sending massive resources to do so. Instead only the newly christened Psyker Inquisitor Obodiah Roth was sent, as the Ordo decided investigating Sirene would be a good mission to start his Hereticus career.[1]

Roth arrived on Sirene in 866.M41, during the 4th year of the world's on-going guerilla war. He then tried to find the origins of the psychic emanations, but for months found nothing. It was only a chance encounter with a squadron of 45th Montaigh Assault Pioneers, led by Sergeant Clais Jedda, that put Roth on the path to find the answers he sought. This occurred after Jedda's squadron suddenly appeared and began firing at a group of refugees Roth was traveling with in Sirene's mountains. The Inquisitor quickly used his authority to stop the squadron and asked them why they were attacking the refugees. The Sergent replied they were not taking chances with the civilians, as a Montaigh patrol had been killed nearby, after reporting it had discovered a hidden ship. This intrigued Roth, as the warming weather is what led to the ship's discovery likely meaning it had arrived when the psychic emanations had begun. In order to find out the truth, Roth commandeered Jedda and his squadron and they led him to the ship. There they encountered the secessionist warrior Bekaela, who Jedda accused of killing the Montaigh patrol. She denied this and claimed the patrol had been killed after they entered the hidden ship. Roth stopped them from fighting and Bekaela stated she had no quarrel with them and no longer served the Sirene Monarch and was instead standing watch over the ship. She explained that months ago, a group of off-worlds had arrived aboard it and claimed to be the Monarch's children. These scions as they were called, were welcomed by the Monarch in a grand ceremony that Bekaela attended. She would later enter the scions ship, though, and encountered monstrous creatures before escaping. This led her to break her vows to the Monarch, as Bekaela would not serve someone with such monsters in their bloodline. Upon hearing this Roth led all of them into the ship and they were attacked by Tyranids. Though Jedda's squadron suffered some losses, the Tyranids were killed and a Genestealer Broodlord was killed by Roth using his psyker powers. Doing so, however, led the Inquisitor to enter its mind and revealed that the scions were Genestealer Cultists as well and they were creating the psychic emanations on Sirene. Worse still, they were drawing a massive Hive Fleet to the world.[1]

Roth took this information to the Astra Militarum's high command on Sirene and after getting passed their shock they were eager to retaliate against the Monarch. The former secessionist Bekaela greatly aided them in this, as she told them the Monarch made his lair within the Sephardi mountain range's tomb-vaults. Lord Marshal Cambria personally assembled a strike force that directly attacked the lair, while Roth led a Kill Team to infiltrate it and kill the Monarch. Once again Bekaela aided in this effort and she joined Roth and Sergeant Clais Jedda as the Kill Team succeeded in killing the Monarch and most of his scions. One survived, however, and it revealed how the Genestealer Cult infection began on Sirene, after Roth began interrogating it. The scion then joyfully told the Inquisitor that the approaching Hive Fleet could no longer be prevented from reaching Sirene, before Bekaela killed it. With the world now in serious danger from the Tyranids, Roth urged the Imperial Navy fleet to retreat from Sirene after evacuating all senior officers and dignitaries from the world. The fleet did so, with the intention of regrouping to later attack the Hive Fleet. Meanwhile the 70,000 remaining Guardsmen of Montaigh, Kurass and Amartine reshaped the Sephardi mountain range into a deathtrap for the Hive Fleet. They were expected to hold out for eight weeks, but when the massive Hive Fleet finally invaded, the Guardsmen lasted less than 5 hours before they were all killed. Sirene Primal was then consumed, before the Hive Fleet began attacking the other worlds of the Orco-Pelica Subsector. While ensuing campaign to save the Subsector became a historic epic in the Imperium's history, Sirene Primal itself became an ink smudge recorded in Terra's forgotten archives.[1]

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