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Ordamael was a Blood Angels Chaplain, who served as his Chapter's Paternis Sanguis as it prepared to be invaded by Hive Fleet Leviathan.[1a]

The Paternis Sanguis is the second highest rank in the Blood Angels' Reclusiam and as such, Ordamael often acted in the stead of the ever-absent High Chaplain Astorath. Such was the case when Leviathan finally attacked Baal, as Astorath was taking part in the Diamor Campaign[1a]. In the battle against the Hive Fleet, Ordamael defended the Chapter's Fortress Monastery on Baal and weeks later found himself to be among the last of the living forces still fighting to protect his Homeworld. With their doom at hand, Chapter Master Dante ordered the surviving Sons of Sanguinius to launch a final charge into Leviathan's invading forces and Ordamael fought beside Dante as they struck the Tyranids. However the Chaplain soon met his end, when he was torn in half by a giant Tyranid beast.[1b]

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