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Plasmapults[1c] are heavily armored[1b] and void-shield[1d] Battle Tanks[1b], that were used by the Sons of Sek during the Sabbat Worlds Crusade.[1a]


The are armed with a single Plasma magnetic mass driver, that draws its energy from an attached magnetized cage. Both of these sit atop the pyramidal generator stack, that powers the cage. The stack is located directly behind the Plasmapult's control cabin, which is protected by a sloped sheet of armor. This sheet is windowless except for tiny, shielded slits and it also has a battery of Auspex and sensor barrels jutting out from it. Due to its immense size, the Plasmapult moves slowly on four broad sets of tank tracks[1b]. However its greatest drawback, is the length of time it takes for the plasma cannon to recharge between shots[1c]. This leaves the Battle Tank vulnerable and the Plasmapult is escorted by lighter vehicles, such as HET-7s and Stalk-tanks. However the Plasmapult's magnetized cage makes it extremely dangerous to destroy. Any damage done to the cage could set off a massive plasma explosion, that will engulf a large area[1d]. Even when a Plasmapult is destroyed without damaging the cage, it will still need to be safely disabled.[1e]