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Urdesh: The Serpent and the Saint (Novel)

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Urdesh: The Serpent and the Saint
Author Matthew Farrer
Publisher Black Library
Series Urdesh (Novel Series)
Followed by Urdesh: The Magister and the Martyr (Novel)
Released June 2021
Pages 336 (paperback)
Editions 2021 hardcover:
ISBN 9871800260290

2021 ebook:
ISBN 9781800265882

2022 paperback:
ISBN 9781800261259


The next chapter in the ongoing Sabbat Worlds saga focuses on Urdesh. Here, the Iron Snakes are on a mission to prevent a potent living weapon from falling into the hands of the Anarch. The fate of the entire crusade hangs in the balance. In the end, will it all have been for nothing?[1]


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