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Saint Praxedes

Saint Praxedes of Ophelia VII was the Canoness of the Order of Our Martyred Lady. At the start of the Second Tyrannic War, she reinforced the Caladenian Regiment of the Imperial Guard on Okassis. She led the forces in a defence of the Cardinal palace and sent a gallant counter-attack when the Tyranids reached the palace. She led from the front and managed to kill a Hive Tyrant, throwing the rest of the attack into disarray. This allowed many refugees to flee the planet and left Praxedes and her forces on the world.[1]

She proceeded to press deep into the heart of the Tyranid forces and led a guerrilla war against the Tyranids. The disruption she managed to cause meant that the attack on the space port by the Tyranids was nowhere near as effective as it should have been which allowed the remaining civilians to flee the planet. All contact was lost with her forces once the last shuttle had taken off and she became known as the first martyr to Kraken. Her name is revered across the Ultima Segmentum but some claim she fights on still against the hordes of Tyranids from within.[1] She was finally confirmed killed in action in that battle on Okassis, where she succumbed to mortal wounds after slaying a Hive Tyrant in 991.M41 while buying time for the evacuation.[2]

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