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Scout Armour

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Scout Armour is worn by Space Marine Scouts before they have been given a suit of power armour. It is made of overlapping plates of carapace armour which can easily stop a bullet, while the fatigues are made of ballistic nylon which gives further protection without reducing the Scout's movement. It is much quieter and less cumbersome than power armour which makes Scouts ideal for infiltration and sniper duties where silence is paramount.[1]

Deathwatch Scout Armour

Deathwatch Scout Armour[Needs Citation]

Based on the scout armour fielded by all Space Marine Chapters, Deathwatch Scout armour is a lightweight, non-powered suit of armour modified by Erioch Deathwatch armourers specifically to suit the needs of their unique mission. Similar to the armour worn by sniper Scouts of chapters like the Raven Guard, Deathwatch Scout armour is composed of a hardened ceramite chest plate that covers the Space Marine's torso, shoulders and groin area worn over a reinforced body glove. Armoured, elbow-length gauntlets protect the wearer’s hands, while heavily reinforced, ceramite-toed grox-hide boots keep his feet safe and dry. Since Deathwatch Scout armour is essentially a half-suit over a form-fitted body glove, and is made of light materials, it does not hinder the wearer's movement and allows him to retain his natural agility and stealth while still providing excellent protection. This armour is often worn in conjunction with cameleoline cloaks.[Needs Citation]

Although it is not environmentally sealed like Astartes power armour, the composition of the body glove and numerous built-in systems keep the wearer relatively safe from hazardous conditions. The body glove is impregnated with special fibres coated with powerful unguents that provide limited protection from atomic, chemical, and biological threats. It is also woven with small, gel-filled passages that allow the Space Marine wearing it to better withstand heat and cold as it regulates his temperature. Mounted on the armour's back is a heavy, hardened unit that contains, among other things, both drinking water and an oxygen supply. Water and air are delivered to the wearer through a dual-purpose rebreather/hydrator that acts as a gas mask and filters air from the surrounding atmosphere. He also wears an auto-injector glove beneath one of his gauntlets that functions much like the auto-injector system found in Astartes power armour.[Needs Citation]

Along with the protective elements, there are a number of built-in systems designed to assist the Space Marine in his mission as the eyes and ears of his Deathwatch Space Marines. In his back unit, the wearer carries an encrypted, long-range vox system that allows him to maintain contact with command, as well as communicate with airborne, armoured, and artillery units to act as a forward observer or fire-controller. The hard plates of the armour are painted with a special coating that makes it difficult to detect with autosense, auspex, and augur arrays. The combination of built-in systems and the inherent qualities of the armoured body glove and carapace make a Space Marine wearing this armour, while not as deadly as his power armoured Space Marines, still an extremely formidable combatant.[2]