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Seventh Retribution (Novel)

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Seventh Retribution
Cover art by Hardy Fowler
Author Ben Counter
Publisher Black Library
Released August 6, 2013
Pages 416
Editions 2013 e-book
ISBN 9780857878670

2013 softcover
ISBN 9781849704786

Seventh Retribution is a Black Library novel by Ben Counter. It was published in July 2013.

Cover Description

The world of Opis is wracked with civil war and in danger of being lost to mankind's Imperium. But more than just rebellion lurks on this once-peaceful world. Captain Darnath Lysander, hero of the Imperial Fists and captain of their elite First Company, leads his battle-brothers in prosecution of the traitors. Tortured by memories of his time imprisoned by the Iron Warriors, Lysander finds himself thrust back into that horror as the Ruinous Powers are revealed to be behind the treachery. Beset by monstrous foes and allies he cannot trust, Lysander must rally his Space Marines to defeat the master of the enemy hordes before all of Opis is consumed by the insidious powers of Chaos.


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