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1st Company (Imperial Fists)

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The badge of the 1st Company.[1]

The 1st Company of the Imperial Fists, known as The Fists of Dorn[1] and The Emperor's Shield,[2a] comprises the Chapter's most veteran warriors.[1][2a][2b]


The 1st Company is an ancient formation, dating to at least the earliest days of the Great Crusade.[4]

The warriors that serve in the Imperial Fists 1st Company have long been known for their preference for Tactical Dreadnought Armour, favouring its brute force to punch through the toughest obstacles in the Company's and Chapter's path. This has changed somewhat in recent years, however, due to the influence of the Company's current commanding officer, Captain Darnath Lysander. Lysander has gone to great lengths to try to make the 1st Company into a more flexible tool for the Chapter's arsenal.[2b]

The warriors of the 1st Company also bear a number of ceremonial duties off the battlefield. Notably, each of the arenas aboard the Imperial Fists' mobile fortress-monastery, the Phalanx, is watched over and maintained by a Veteran Sergeant and his squad. These Sergeants take this role very seriously, to the point that many of them take new names based on the battle honours displayed on the arena's walls. If such a Sergeant is ever transferred away from the Company, they then relinquish this name.[2b]

Notable Battles

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