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Surasis Grief

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Surasis Grief was the Archon of the Kabal of the Dark Mirror and the inventor of the Tantalus.[1] Once a Reaver Jetbike pilot, he won the Sec Maegra Marathon by overloading his Jetbike and causing an explosion that killed the final eight racers. He then became the first Reaver pilot ever to cross the finish line on foot. Sometime after this he invented the Tantalus, a dual-hulled Raider craft, and became a pirate that ransacked parts of Commorragh and led the Dark Mirror Kabal, along with his son Roteus and his daughter Nitholeth. Drawn into a race by the leader of the Nightspur Covenant, a group of Reaver Champions led by the former Arena Champion Ciav, Grief took part in a death race that saw him bested by Ciav who used a fractal web to teleport the Tantalus to safety while sending Grief plummeting to his death.[2]

He was succeeded as Archon of the Dark Mirror by his children, although it was noted by Ciav that it was unlikely the Dark Mirror would survive its new and greedy masters.[2]

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