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Swords of Khargoth

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The Swords of Khargoth are a warband of Renegade Space Marines, formerly of the Swords of Praesium Chapter.[1]

Marine Basic Data Warband Symbol
{{{Marine Px}}}px Name: Swords of Khargoth {{{Symbol Px}}}px
Primarch: Unknown
Origin: Swords of Praesium Chapter[1]
Founder/Leader: Khargoth[2]
Homeworld: Unknown
Chaos Dedication: Unknown Model
Colours: black with red trim, lava imagery Unknown.jpg
Speciality: Unknown
Battle Cry: Unknown
Current Strength: <200 Chaos Marines


When Chaos forces attacked the world of Acropolis Vega, two Companies from the Swords of Praesium Chapter launched a counter-attack. Not long after they made planetfall, a warp storm engulfed the system, cutting off Acropolis Vega from the outside for nearly 70 years. No records survived attesting to how long the Space Marines fought against the warriors of the dark gods, but eventually they succumbed. Isolated and almost certainly overwhelmed by their opposition, several squads evidently swore their loyalty to Chaos in return for their survival.[1]

When the Warp Storm abated, it was the Swords of Khargoth who led the attack upon the Imperial reclamation fleet. Ever since, the Swords of Khargoth have been known as bloody reavers who delight in the slaughter of boarding actions. Though the Imperial Guard eventually retook Acropolis Vega, the Swords of Khargoth escaped destruction and their strike cruisers now menace Imperial shipping and small outposts in the area.[1]

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