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The Teturact is a powerful Mutant entity that was born at an Adeptus Mechanicus Genetor facility located at Stratix Luminae.


In appearance, he resembles a naked humanoid that did not resemble a Human being though it was so emaciated that to outsiders it appeared that it could not possibly be alive. The creature had a pallid skin stretched taut over a vestigial ribcage and it had a stringy abdomen whilst its limbs were too long which in turh had too many fingers or toes as well as additional joints. He seemed incapable of supporting itself to stand yet it managed to walk with confidence with its face being a knot of hanging skin where there were a pair of triangular eyes that glowed faintly. The Teturach was in fact a psyker and capable of piercing into the soul of its victims.[1e]

After controlling world after world, his mind became so powerful and widespread that it was no longer confined to his body.[1a]

He was also capable of generating toxins and diseases from his very presence that is capable of harming even Adeptus Astartes enhanced constitutions.[1b]

Those that fell to his powers became mutants themselves with their bodies become grostesque as well as malformed versions whilst the individuals became devoted worshippers of the Teturact.[1d]

The Teturact himself was bored of the mortal world and was filled with nothing but hatred for life which was hardwired into his very being since he was never meant to had been created. To him, life meant death with death bringing about power which was the closest thing that could be considered sacred. He believed that from the moment of his birth, he was a god and that not only did he possess god-like power but also a similar ambition.[1e]


This creature was part of a secret experiment that was conducted by the Mechanicus which was considered revolutionary by Adept Sarkia Aristeia as well as her fellow comrades. The nature of their experiments was to unlock the Human genetic pattern in order to halt, reverse or even create mutations at will. Among the resultant creations was the Teturact that was one of the results of the program that was considered either a failure or success though it was sealed in the lowest level. He was grown within a test tube that was filled with mutating clone-cells whilst he matured into a powerful psychic being.[1e]

The existence of this being is believed to had attracted the attention of the Eldar who struck against the installation and were only beaten by a detachment of the Soul Drinkers Chapter.[1e]

Many of the Eldar that attacked had intended to kill the creature but were in fact too late as they were killed or infected by the disease ridden effects of the Teturact.[1c]

Sarkia Aristeia believed that if the Archmagus and the Adeptus Mechanicus learnt of the experiment, she along with the other Adepts would have been killed to prevent contamination or interrogated in order to learn the secrets about the program. Furthermore, she held the view that the Stratix Luminae would have been declared Interdictus. After the departure of the Soul Drinkers, the Teturact managed to survive and began to use its abilities to slowly take over in order to build its own empire within the Imperium.[1e]

When the Soul Drinkers were declared Excommunicate Traitoris, Chapter Master and Librarian Sarpedon decided to journey to the facility in order to find a way to stave off the growing mutation within their ranks. This led them into conflict with not only the returning Teturact but also the Inquisition taskforce under the command of Inquisitor Thaddeus. During the fight, the Teturact's physical body was destroyed by Thaddeus wihlst Sarpedon killed its mind thus seemingly ending its threat.[1f]