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The Calculus of Battle (Audio Drama)

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The Calculus of Battle
Cover art
Author David Guymer
Performer John Banks, Cliff Chapman, Steve Conlin, Toby Longworth, Luis Soto
Publisher Black Library
Released December 2016
Length 21 minutes

The Calculus of Battle is an audio drama by David Guymer.

Cover Description

The beleaguered Astra Militarum defenders of Varasine fight against the alien menace of a tyranid invasion, but their only possible salvation approaches in the form of something almost equally inhuman. Warleader Kardan Stronos of the Iron Hands, long having studied the xenos threat, now brings his fearless battle-brothers to join the war - only he can save Varasine, measuring his Chapter’s infallible logic and ruthless strategy against the cost in human lives.


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