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The Hand of Harrow (Short Story)

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The Hand of Harrow
The Hand of Harrow cover.jpg
Cover art
Author Denny Flowers
Publisher Black Library
Released 2020
Editions Ebook

The Hand of Harrow is a short story about Necromunda by Denny Flowers. It was released by Black Library in 2020. Also it included in the previously released Inferno! (2019) Vol.4 magazine.

Cover Description

Caleb Cursebound is the underhive's ninth most-wanted man... so what is he doing uphive? With his ratskin companion Iktomi by his side, he's taking on a job that seems easy, and has a high reward. All he has to do is break into Lord Harrow's private museum and steal an artefact. No problem at all for someone who faces deadly gangers, vengeful bounty hunters and all the horrors of the underhive on a daily basis. Or so Caleb thinks...[1]

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