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This page contains spoilers for: Space Hulk: Tactics

Ubaldo is a Captain in the Blood Angels Chapter, whose forces destroyed the Space Hulk Forsaken Doom[1a], in M42.[1c]


This would occur after the Forsaken Doom threatened to collide with the Forge World Gorgonum and Ubaldo came to its aid[1b]. His battered force aboard the Blood Crusader had just completed a successful campaign, though, and could only send a single Terminator Squad to invaded the Space Hulk[1c]. They were led by Sergeant Tahariel, but it had been sometime since Ubaldo's friend[1i] had taken field command. The squadron had also been cobbled together from available Terminators and had not fought with each other before. Captain Ubaldo, though, trusted that Sergeant Tahariel's courage and skill would ensure that the Forsaken Doom was destroyed[1b]. However before the squadron could depart, and begin placing a series of Melta-bombs near energy cores within the Space Hulk[1d], Inquisitor Jost von Marburg appeared and made his presence known. The Inquisitor refused to explain how he knew of the Forsaken Doom's location and simply stated he was there to observe the Blood Angels' mission[1b]. As the Terminator squadron infiltrated the Forsaken Doom, though, Inquisitor Marburg began aiding them[1d] as they sought locations to place the Melta-bombs. However since he knew that the Forsaken Doom contained unique specimens of Genestealers, and they are an expertise of his, Marburg asked the squad to kill or collect any they came across for him to study. Captain Ubaldo agreed to this this at first, as long as their main mission was not put at risk[1d], but he began to object when the Inquisitor demanded more specimens. Marburg reminded the Captain, though, that his status as an Inquisitor meant his demands were not requests, leading Sergeant Tahariel to agree to do so.[1e]

The Terminator squad later came across the corpses of slain Space Wolves, one of which had a recording stating they had found a holy Seal of the Emperor of Mankind aboard the Forsaken Doom. However, the Space Wolves had been overrun by the Space Hulk's Genestealers before they could evacuate with it. After the message was finished, Ubaldo stated that it must be the Emperor's will that brought them to the Forsaken Doom. He then informed Tahariel's squad, that the holy relic's recovery was now the first priority for the Terminators, even over saving the threatened Forge World[1f]. The Lexicanum Hagios was part of Tahariel's squad, and due to the Seal being psychically-charged by the Emperor, the Lexicanum was able to sense the relic and led the Terminators to the Seal's location. Once they found the relic, Captain Ubaldo told them that it would be a day long remembered by the Imperium for the squad's recovery of the relic[1g]. The Forsaken Doom was soon successfully destroyed by Sergeant Tahariel's squadron[1a], and the holy Seal was later returned to Terra by the Blood Angels.[1h]


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