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Forsaken Doom

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This page contains spoilers for: Space Hulk: Tactics

The Forsaken Doom was a gargantuan Space Hulk, that was large enough to survive a collision with a world and was infested by Genestealers[1a]. It was destroyed by by the forces of the Blood Angels Captain Ubaldo[1q], in M42.[1u]

The Forsaken Doom destroys a world, by colliding with it[1u]


It was considered to be one of the most elusive and mysterious Space Hulks, due to the Forsaken Doom drifting randomly in and out of the Warp. The Space Hulk had done so for millennia and became a myth of horror to the Imperium, as its Genestealers spread to ships and worlds that encountered it. Several Chapters have attempted to purge the Forsaken Doom, but these attempts ended in failure and the Space Hulk became the grave of countless Space Marines.[1a]

The first contemporary records of the Forsaken Doom date back to the beginning of M41, when the Ultramarines sent several Terminator Squads to purify it[1a]. Among them, were squads Mithrea, Septimus and Vandarius, which had command until it was wiped out by the Space Hulk's Genestealers[1b]. Shortly afterwards, squad Mithrea reported that they had found an ancient network of plasma energy conduits, whose destruction would likely split the Forsaken Doom into fragments. However after Sergeant Septimus and his squad are killed by the Genestealers, Sergeant Brutius takes command. He determines that their mission to purge the Forsaken Doom is no longer possible, due to their losses, and Brutius orders the surviving Ultramarines to withdraw from the Space Hulk[1c]. The Sergeant then led his squad in defending a section of the Forsaken Doom, in order to allow the survivors to reach their Boarding Torpedos. However he is targeted and killed by the Genestealers, who overrun the Ultramarines shortly afterwards.[1d]

Centuries later, the Forsaken Doom emerges from the Warp into an area of space patrolled by the Dark Angels[1e]. After detecting a signal dating back to the Horus Heresy aboard it[1o], Lexicanum Lathriel and several Deathwing squads were then sent into the Space Hulk. They had hoped to find Fallen Angels hiding within it, but found nothing except hordes of Genestealers instead. The Xenos soon swarmed them and as they fought the Genestealers, the Deathwing vowed to destroy the Forsaken Doom. In order to do so, they began to fight their way to an Ork ammo dump, to plant an explosive within it, but the Genestalers' constant attacks separated the squads from each other. Before any of the Deathwing could reach their target, squad Abamazel was killed by the Genestealers. Lathriel's squadron was the closest to Abamazel, but they had been too far away to aid their Battle Brothers and their deaths' cause the Lexicanum to take command. The swarming Genestealers quickly soon put an end to any attempt to destroy the Space Hulk[1e] and the Deathwing sought to escape from the Forsaken Doom instead. The Genestealers surrounded them, though, and prevented the Deathwing from reaching their Boarding Torpedos. They rallied around Lathriel and brokethrough the Xenos' hordes, until their escape was blocked when they encountered a door sealed shut by an Ork Weirdboy's psychic powers. Lathriel quickly attempted to dispel the seal on the door, but was targeted and killed by the Genestealers. Without his powers, the surviving Deathwing knew they were trapped[1f] and decided to spend their last moments transmitting a warning Vox signal. They hoped the desperate call would reach the Imperial Navy, who the Deathwing tasked with seeking out and destroying the Forsaken Doom. However, the Deathwing was killed by the Genestealer hordes, before they can finish sending the signal out.[1g]

More than a century later[1h], a party of Space Wolves and their Wolf Lord[1i] were taking part in a Great Hunt, when they investigate a Vox signal emanating from the Forsaken Doom. After they entered the Space Hulk, the Space Wolves killed the Genestealers near their area, that were standing watch over the Forsaken Doom. However, the Space Wolves were unaware that a few Genestealers had escaped their attack and soon woke the other sleeping hordes aboard the Space Hulk[1h]. Meanwhile the Space Wolves had decided to explore the Forsaken Doom in several different groups and they ventured further into the Space Hulk, than any other Chapter before them. This led one group to discover a functional Horus Heresy-era Servo-Skull, that had been used by the Adeptus Custodes and acted as a reliquary monitor. The Space Wolves group that found it, believed the Servo-Skull could contain data about sacred artifacts and they decided to bring it back to their Wolf Lord. Before they could do so, though, the Space Wolves were all killed in an ambush by a Broodlord and a horde of Genestealers. The Servo-Skull was able to escape the attack, however, and found its way to the Wolf Lord and the other surviving Space Wolves[1i]. Once the Servo-Skull was within their grasps, the Space Wolves discovered it contained vital data that directly led them to a prize beyond all others: the sacred Seal of the Emperor of Mankind. It was a relic of such immeasurable majesty that even the disorderly were silenced by its presence and as one, the Space Wolves knelled before it. This was a prodigious success, but a pyrrhic one as well, since the Forsaken Doom's Genestealer hordes had now surrounded the Space Wolves. Fully aware of the value of his discovery, and that they would be killed if they stood and fought, the Wolf Lord ordered an immediate withdrawal from the Space Hulk. However time was against them and as the Space Wolves try to teleport from the Forsaken Doom, they were overrun. As his Space Wolves die around him, the Wolf Lord ensured the Seal of the Emperor was secure from the Genestealers. Once this was done, he was content and spent his final moments recording a message so that other Space Marines could find the relic. If it was recovered, then Space Wolves' deaths would not be in vain.[1j]

The Forsaken Doom threatens the Forge World Gorgonum[1u]

Afterwards, the Ordo Xenos would gather information about the Forsaken Doom, which included the Space Marines' failed attempts to purge it. This information was later used by the Inquisitor Jost von Marburg, as he sought to destroy those Xenos species that opposed the Imperium. Due to it being home to Genestealers, that infested any ship or world, the Space Hulk came across, the Forsaken Doom became the main focus of Marburg's efforts. He spent decades studying the Space Hulk and Marburg was eventually able to determine where the Forsaken Doom would emerge next. All that he now required was a band of undaunted heroes that the Inquisitor could guide to triumph over the Space Hulk's Genestealers[1k]. This would occur in M42, when the Forsaken Doom threatened to collide with the Forge World Gorgonum and the Blood Angels Captain Ubaldo came to its aid[1l]. His battered force aboard the Blood Crusader had just completed a successful campaign and could only send a single Terminator Squad for the mission[1m]. However before they could depart, and begin placing a series of Melta-bombs near energy cores in the Forsaken Doom[1n], Marburg appeared and made his presence known. The Inquisitor refused to explain how he knew of the Forsaken Doom's location and simply stated he was there to observe the Blood Angels' mission.[1l]

As the Terminator squad, led by Sergeant Tahariel[1l], infiltrated the Space Hulk, Marburg began aiding them[1o] as they sought locations to place the Melta-bombs. However due to studying the information of the past incursions into the Forsaken Doom, the Inquisitor knew it was home to several unique forms of Genestealers. As he was an expert on the Xenos species, Marburg asked the squad to kill or collect any unique specimens they came across for him to study. Captain Ubaldo agreed to this this at first, as long as their main mission was not put at risk[1n], but he began to object when the Inquisitor demanded more specimens. Marburg reminded the Captain, though, that his status as an Inquisitor meant his demands were not requests, leading Sergeant Tahariel to agree to do so. Lexicanum Hagios later joined the squadron, after he sensed a shadow of foreboding shadow aboard the Forsaken Doom[1o]. Afterwards, the squad came across the bodies of slain Space Wolves, one of which had a recording stating they had found the Seal of the Emperor of Mankind aboard the Forsaken Doom. Before the Space Wolves could evacuate with it, though, they had been overwhelmed by the Space Hulk's Genestealers and the doomed Space Wolf was the last survivor. After the message was finished, Captain Ubaldo stated that it must be the Emperor's will that brought them to the Space Hulk. He then informed them that the holy relic's recovery was now the first priority for the squadron, over saving the threatened Forge World.[1p]

The Forsaken Doom's destroyed remains[1t]

However thanks to the squad's efforts, and the aid of Marburg, they completed their task of planting the Melta-bombs[1q], while also recovering the Seal[1r] and the unique Genestealer specimens the Inquisitor demanded[1s]. As the Forsaken Doom was now dangerously close to Gorgonum, the Melta-bombs needed to be quickly activated, in order to ensure the Forge World's survival. This left the squad with little time to escape from the Space Hulk, and Sergeant Tahariel was ready to accept their deaths, as they had completed their mission. Captain Ubaldo, however, was able to give them an escape route and the Terminator squad, were able to evacuate before the Melta-bombs created a chain reaction that caused the Space Hulk to explode[1q]. Despite their success, though, the Forsaken Doom's explosive death caused a brief Warp Storm to appear, which sucked in the largest Genestealer infested pieces of its remains. In time, each piece would go on to become a new Space Hulk.[1t]

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