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Never have I faced a tide of foes that can alter both strategy and flesh to hasten our downfall. Swift as these beasts adapt, we must be swifter, for if we fail, the Tau Empire will drown in its own blood.[2]

Shas'el Vorcah commanded the Tau defence on the colony of Sha'draig when it was invaded by Hive Fleet Gorgon in 900.M41.[1]


When Supreme Admiral Kor'O'Vanan deemed the situation on Sha'draig irretrievable in 843901.M41 and ordered a withdrawal of the fleet and all ground forces, Vorcah remained behind under the guise of covering the retreat, but his true intention was to continue the fight. He launched a series of suicide missions aiming to break the Tyranid Synapse web, for the Tau had learnt that Gorgon's rapid adaptation was forcing it to rely on smaller, less complex organisms able to be quickly bred and so it had relatively few larger creatures. Vorcah's tactic was successful and eventually drove Gorgon from Sha'draig, but not before it had been almost completely consumed by Ripper swarms.[1]