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Waaagh! Starsmasha

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Waaagh! Starsmasha took place in 400.M35.[1]


Tectonic upheavals on the backwater world of Ironcel V triggered a massive Ork Waaagh!. Dispossessed greenskins flooded into space in their billions, led by a bellowing beast known as Warboss Starsmasha. The Waaagh! overran the maiden world of Ledrith, smashed aside the renegade warfleet of Lord Borvashik, and descended upon the Redhaven System. However, here it was stopped dead by a combined force of Blood Angels, Imperial Guard, and Knights of House Griffith. The defence was coordinated by the Blood Angels Chapter Master, Leonid Castivarus, and was masterful in its conception and execution. The war raged for many months and several Imperial worlds were overrun, yet finally the Waaagh! spent its fury against the so-called Shield of Sanguinius and was utterly destroyed.[1]

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