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Helpful articles

The See also section forms part of the General article structure. Its purpose is to offer readers the possibility to explore tangentially related topics.


The See also section contains a bulleted list of Internal links to related Lexicanum articles.


The See also section should be divided into two subsections (if there are related pages for both subsections, if not only the corresponding one should be used):

  • Related articles: Internal links to "normal" lore pages
  • Related products: Internal links to product pages. These products obviously should have a strong connection with the article's subject, for example novels in which a character or unit features, models of a character, unit or vehicle, games that heavily features a specific character or unit etc.
Example of the See also section of the article Tanith First and Only (an Imperial Guard regiment and protagonists of a novel series)

Each list should be sorted either logically (e.g. by subject matter), chronologically, or alphabetically. Editors should provide a brief annotation when a link's relevance is not immediately apparent, when the meaning of the term may not be generally known, or when the term is ambiguous.

What to include in this section

The choice of Internal links to be included in this section should be governed by editorial judgment and common sense. The links in the See also section should be relevant, should reflect the links that would be present in a comprehensive article on the topic, and should be limited to a reasonable number. Additionally this section should not repeat links that already appear multiple times in the article's body - the point of the section being to provide links to related topics not yet covered in depth in the article.

The See also section can and should include Internal links to pages that do not yet exist ("red" links) for the reasons explained in the Help article on Internal links.

What not to include in this section

External links should be avoided in the See also section as the point is to provide the readers with a Lexicanum navigational aid, not one for the internet as a whole.

Additional notes

While in the past other titles for this section have been used such as "Further reading" the correct term to be used in the Lexicanum is "See also". When deviating names are encountered they should be changed for reasons of uniformity.

See also

For more information on the See also section as a stylistic element in Wikipedia see here.