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White Dwarf 366 (UK)

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White Dwarf 366
White Dwarf 366.jpg
Cover Artist Paul Dainton
Released June 2010
Parallel issue(s) 150px-Flag of Australia.png White Dwarf 366

150px-Flag of USA.png White Dwarf 365
150px-Flag of France.png White Dwarf 194
150px-Flag of Spain.png White Dwarf 182
150px-Flag of Germany.svg.png White Dwarf 174
150px-Flag of Italy.png White Dwarf 136

Preceded by White Dwarf 365
Followed by White Dwarf 367

White Dwarf 366 was released in June 2010 featuring rules and missions for the Spearhead (expansion). It was the first issue published under new White Dwarf editor Andrew Kenrick, who replaced Mark Latham.



  • Tank Shock - Adam Troke talks to Jes Goodwin, Dave Andrews and a host of other designers about the iconic tanks of 40k. We also present rules for the Eldar Night Spinner.
  • Spearhead - Jervis Johnson introduces Spearhead, a new Warhammer 40,000 Expansion all about fighting huge tank battles, sweeping advances and armoured assaults.
  • On Wings of Blood - Son of Sanguinius Matt Ward offers a masterclass on winged assaults, furious charges and surgical strikes.
  • Liber Apocalyptica - The War on Dellerax saw some of the bloodiest tank battles the galaxy has ever seen, as the Eldar clashed with the Imperial Guard. Robin Cruddace tells all.


  • Modelling Workshop: Spearhead - With the release of Spearhead, we explore some of the many different ways to model and paint tank swuadrons in your own armoured company.

Battle Report

  • Spearhead! - Graham Davey and Robin Cruddace go head-to-head in a huge Spearhead tank battle, pitting the grav-tanks of Saim-Hann against the heavy artillery on Knight Commander Pask.

Additional Information

ISSN 0265-8712 06

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