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Zeriah (also known as Elucidax the Keeper) was a Fallen Angel, formerly a Dark Angels Captain of the 14th Assault Company.[1]

After the Horus Heresy, Luther and a force of Dark Angels rebelled against the Imperium and Lion El'Jonson. Zeriah was one of the rebels but he escaped with the destruction of Caliban.[1]

He was later tracked to the world of Altid 156 where he fought a number of Deathwing Terminators. He killed a dozen Dark Angels before an Assault Cannon shot blasted off half of his chest. Not wanting one of the Fallen to die, Dark Angels Apothecaries rushed to save his life. Surviving the battle, he was transported back to the Rock for interrogation where he gave up information which allowed the rest of his warband to be captured but he refused to admit his sin in rebelling against the Emperor. Unrepentant to the very end, Zeriah resisted centuries of torments at the hands of Interrogator-Chaplains.[2]