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413th Expeditionary Fleet

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The 413th Expeditionary Fleet was an Expedition Fleet of the Great Crusade.[1]


During the Crusade, the 413th Fleet was called on to conquer the human worlds of the Gardinaal System, which were resisting compliance with the Imperium. Although the Fleet's initial actions were successful, blockading and isolating the outer worlds of the system before neutralising their threat, the invasion of Gardinaal Prime met with disastrous failure. The Fleet's ground forces suffered heavy losses - the Imperial Army contingent alone took 500,000 casualties. Although the Imperials maintained void superiority, they were unable to prosecute another landing and were forced to call for aid; this ended up taking the form of a combined force from the Iron Hands and Emperor's Children Legions led in person by Ferrus Manus.[1]

Notable Battles of the 413th Expedition Fleet

Composition of the 413th Expedition Fleet[1]

Space Marine Legions

Imperial Army Regiments

Collegia Titanica

Notable Members



  • The source gives the Expeditionary Fleet's ordinal as both 413th and 413rd.[1] This is presumably a typographical error.