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6th Company (Raven Guard)

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Insignia of the 6th Company[1]

The 6th Company of the Raven Guard, known as the 'Darkened Blades', is a Company of the Chapter.[1]

Unlike the Reserve Companies in other Chapters, the 6th of the Raven Guard is not tasked with reinforcing Battle Companies on campaign. Instead it is tasked with a specific purpose: to infiltrate enslaved worlds and deliver them anew into the Imperial fold. Taking true to Corax's upbringing as a liberator of slaves, the 6th will move against tyrannical regimes and aid in an uprising by the downtrodden. Their targets range from Chaos warlords, Genestealer Cults to the Tau. Sometimes they are even overly greedy or callous Imperial Governors. While sometimes utilizing overwhelming assault, the 6th's most favored method of liberation is that of disinformation and guerrilla warfare while training local resistance fighters.[1]

Known Battles

Known Members