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Albard Devine

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Albard Devine[2]

Albard Devine was a member of House Devine during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy.[1]

The first born son and heir of Cyprian Devine as ruler of Molech, Albard was crippled against a great beast of Molech and for decades suffered the brutality of his half-brother Raeven and former wife Lyx. Around the time of the Battle of Molech Albard was usurped as the lord of House Devine by Raeven following the death of their father Cyprian. However he began to become corrupted and fall into worship of the "Serpent God" (an aspect of Slaanesh), and eventually betrayed, tortured, and killed Raeven and Lyx to become the ruling lord of House Devine. Shortly after Albard took over Raeven's Knight Banelash and was corrupted further by the Daemonic energies of the machine. Soon much of House Devine defects to the forces of Horus, allowing for a quick traitor victory.[1]