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Ammunos Dynasty

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Name: Ammunos Dynasty
Phaeron: Nephreth the Untouched
Capital: Hashtor
Colours: Unknown

The Ammunos Dynasty was a Necron Dynasty.[1]


The Dynasty was renowned for their secrecy and paranoia. Its last Phaeron Nephreth was said to be immune to the genetic diseases which blighted the Necrontyr and his genetic samples represent the only pure uncorrupted DNA of his race. Nephreth was opposed to Biotransference and launched a rebellion against the C'tan to prevent it. However while in Necron dramas he was slain by the Burning One, according to Trazyn he was slain by his own family members who brokered a peace with the Star-Gods. The Ammunos however sought to hedge their bets and hid Nephreth's body in a stasis tomb on Cephris, hoping to return and use his DNA to reverse Biotransference if it were not to their liking.[1]

During the Great Sleep a solar flare devastated the Ammunos Crownworld of Hashtor, wiping out the Dynasty as it slept. The puzzlebox leading to the location of Nephreth's tomb on Cephris is known as the Astrarium Mysterios.

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