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Argastes is a legendary Chaplain of the Blood Angels. Known for his firebrand oratory, Argastes is also famous (or notorious) for his belief that the Black Rage is a tool that allows the Blood Angels to find their inner strength.[1][2] He also authored the Litany Vermilion.[1]

Argastes was present for the conclave on Baal of the Blood Angels and their Successor Chapters.[3a] He appeared at the welcoming ceremonies alongside Chaplains Lemartes and Lotan.[3b]

During the surprise attack of the Bloodfiends, he participated in the first defense of the fortress-monastery.[3c] Later, as the Blood Angels fortified the inner chapel, Commander Dante assigned Argastes to the defense of the lowest pit, where the sarcophagus of Sanguinius rested. Argastes was joined by Chief Librarian Mephiston and Sergeant Rafen's squad.[3d] Argastes killed several of the Bloodfiends that made it into the pit, but was unable to stop the alpha fiend before being knocked aside.[3x]

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