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Arjac Rockfist: Anvil of Fenris (Novella)

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Arjac Rockfist: Anvil of Fenris
Author Ben Counter
Publisher Black Library[1]
Series Lords of the Space Marines
Preceded by Sammael: Lord of the Eternal Hunt
Released 2014
Pages 102
Collected in Sagas of the Space Wolves: The Omnibus
Editions March 2014
ISBN 9781849706797

Arjac Rockfist: Anvil of Fenris is a novella by Ben Counter.[1]

Cover Description

Take up your ale, warrior of the Space Wolves, and heed the words of the skjald as he tells the tale of one of our mightiest brothers. Hear of the humble beginnings of the one we know as the Anvil of Fenris, and how he answered the call of destiny when the Kraken invaded Asaheim itself. Hear of his heroic actions in fighting the spawn of the tyranids and saving the Fang from their depredations. Hear the story of Arjac Rockfist, and glory that such a warrior walks among us![1]


Though it is a novella there are no chapters in this book. Therefore, if this book is cited in Lexicanum, there will be no Chapters in the references.

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