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Awakened Council

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The Awakened Council was a Necron political body established at least by M31.[1]

Created during the Great Sleep from prematurely awakened Necrons, the Awakened Council sought to prevent chaos and infighting among the Necron race. The Awakened Council sought to keep Necron society stable until such a time the Silent King could be found and its authority was backed by the Triarch Praetorians. Necron Lords and Overlords could bring their case to the Awakened Council, which settled inter-Necron disputes. The Council used the vast legal code of the ancient Necrontyr. Those who failed to heed the Council's authority would have their life protocols revoked and were marked for death by the Triarch Praetorians.[1]

By M31 the Awakened Council was based on the world of Bekyra.[1] Ten thousand years later by M41 most of the Necron race's great awakening was underway. Wracked by internal instability, the Council dissolved.[1b]

Known Members

Like the Triarchy, the Awakened Council had three members. Known members were:[1]

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