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Awakenings (Novel)

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Author George Mann
Publisher Black Library
Released September 2022

Awakenings is a novel by George Mann.[1]


100 years after the Grey Knights struck her down and left her for dead within a Warp Storm, after she uncovered one of the Imperium's greatest treacheries, Inquisitor Astor Sabbathiel has returned. She has been nursed back to health by the mysterious Tech-Priest Metik, but Sabbathiel must now deal with suspicions from her fellow Inquisitors of the Ordo Hereticus. They take a dim view of anyone who comes into contact with the Warp and Sabbathiel will have to undergo a dangerous mission to prove her faith and regain the trust of her Ordo.[1]

Limited Edition

Awakening, Limited edition includes an additional story If You Want a Job Doing....[2]

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