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Word Bearers Axe-rake

Axe-rakes are a heavy multi-purpose weapon and tool used within the Imperium and by the forces of Chaos. They feature a heavy axehead, sometimes replaced with a chain-axe assembly and curved bill-hook or barb at the back. They are used in mines, smeltors, foundries and work gangs and can also assist in climbing over obstacles or forcing open doors and locks. An almost universal symbol in the Imperium for labour and a hive world's manual workforce and is often rendered as an icon both in industrial architecture and livery on most hive world guilds and the Vervun Primary Hive Commissariat.[1][2][3a][3b][3c]

They saw use during the Horus Heresy by the Ashen Circle of the Word Bearers Legion. These vicious blades were used to drag down victims and topple graven idols and false icons for the Word Beaers' pyres.[1]

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