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Boreas (Imperial Fists)

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the the Imperial Fists Champion. For other uses of Boreas, see Boreas (disambiguation).

"This is no longer a war of hope. This is a war of vengeance and obliteration"[1]

Boreas was a Space Marine of the Imperial Fists Legion, serving as the Champion as well as First Lieutenant of the Templars under First Captain Sigismund, when the Alpha Legion began their attack on the Sol System during the Horus Heresy.

When the battle with the Alpha Legion began, Sigismund noted how the long toll of fighting against the Traitors had severely changed Boreas' personality, compared to what it once was when the Heresy began[1]. During the Solar War Boreas commanded of one of the Three Sisters of Spite and served in the Sol System's First Sphere, as the Imperial Fists fought Horus' forces, in the Trans-Plutonian Gulf. During the battle around Pluto, Boreas was mortally wounded by Sons of Horus forces led by Horus Aximand. He was so critically wounded that he could not even be interred into a Dreadnought, and died in front of Sigismund proclaiming the Captain his eternal brother.[2]