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Commander Bravestorm[2]

Shas'O Dal'yth Ko'vash Kha'drel, better known as Commander Bravestorm, was a T'au Commander.[4a]


Bravestorm was a faithful servant of the T'au Empire who helped repel the Imperial invasion of Dal'yth during the Imperial advance into the Empire's territory.[4a]

One of the original recipients of the experimental Battlesuit weapon known as the Onager Gauntlet, during the Damocles Crusade[4x] Bravestorm's Battlesuit was critically damaged at Blackthunder Mesa after he took down dozens of Imperial vehicles.[1]

Entombed in life support systems, after that he was confined to his Battlesuit and went on to serve the Farsight Enclaves as part of The Eight.[2]


While still a member of the T'au Empire proper, Bravestorm piloted an experimental prototype XV8-02 Battlesuit, equipped with a plasma rifle and a shield generator.[4a]


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