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Cadmus Tyro

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Cadmus Tyro with Garuda on his shoulder[3]

Cadmus Tyro was the Equerry of Captain Ulrach Branthan of the 65th Clan-Company of the Iron Hands Legion, who escaped from Istvaan V with a contingent of Iron Hands aboard the Sisypheum. He assumed command of the Sisypheum and all forces aboard it when Branthan was mortally wounded and placed in stasis in the ship's Apothecarion.[1]

Cadmus Tyro later appeared serving alongside who he thought was Shadrak Meduson in fighting the Alpha Legion. However when it was revealed that Meduson was in fact Alpharius in disguise, Tyro led his own men in an escape.[2] He took part in the final mission of the Sisypheum to acquire the Magna Mater on Luna. During the fighting, Tyro and Ulrach Branthan sacrificed themselves to hold off Justaerin in order to allow Nykona Sharrowkyn to escape with the Magna Mater. A badly wounded Tyro uttered a final defiant spite to the Sons of Horus before being executed.[4]